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A24 Group Lanyard Set

A24 Group Lanyard Set

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A24 Group Lanyard Set | Includes Five Lanyards

  • Ambition24hours
  • BNA
  • Mayfair Nursing
  • Grosvenor Specialist Nursing
  • NSUK

In addition to the branded uniform for each of our agencies we have produced a pack of 5 branded lanyards: please wear the appropriate lanyard with your agency tunic for each shift. Your ID badge – which we will send you once you are registered - should be clipped onto the lanyard and worn throughout your shift.

For help and information, please contact the Uniforms Team directly on uniforms@a24group.com 

It is imperative when you work for any of the agencies in the A24 Group that you wear the correct branded uniform, lanyard and ID