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Lighthouse Collection Mixed Case Deal

Lighthouse Collection Mixed Case Deal

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Lighthouse Collection Mixed Case Deal | Free Delivery | Wine Tasting Experience Included

  • 2 x Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2019
  • 2 x Lighthouse Collection Dry Rosé 2019
  • 2 x Lighthouse Syrah 

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Lighthouse Collection - The Story

Dedicated to the craft of allowing each wine to tell its own story, only estate-grown grapes are used to encapsulate this quintessential cool climate.

The range of wines was created to celebrate slopes that deliver wines with vivid fruit expression, lower acidity and softer tannins leaning themselves more towards earlier release and enjoyment.

Benguela Cove has erected its own lighthouse – the beacon that historically guided ships to safety around the Cape – an ode to this marginal climate close to the ocean.

Stormy winds, once a threat to ships end route to the Cape, now cool the vines anchored in the terroir.

Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate