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Lighthouse Mixed Case Wine Deal

Lighthouse Mixed Case Wine Deal

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What’s in the Lockdown Wine Mixed Case Deal?

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  • 2x Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2020
  • 2x Lighthouse Collection Syrah 2018
  • 2x Lighthouse Collection Moody Lagoon 2018

Benguela Cove Wine Estate boasts the longest stretch of ocean facing vineyards (2.6km), grown at the lowest altitude (2.7m above sea level). With this unique location and optimum climate conditions, ideal viticulture, our master winemaker has created the Lighthouse Collection Wine Range.

Dedicated to the craft of allowing each wine to tell its own story, only estate-grown grapes are used to encapsulate this quintessential cool climate. The Lighthouse Collection range of wines was created to celebrate slopes that deliver wines with vivid fruit expression, lower acidity and softer tannins leaning more towards earlier release and enjoyment.

Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2020

The aroma is explosive of gooseberry and grapefruit with hints of ripe guava, lemon zest and top notes of rose blossoms. The fruit intensity fills your mouth and finishes with a salinity and oyster shell like minerality. Melon, toffee apple and white peach notes persist on the palate. Learn more.

Lighthouse Collection Syrah 2018

"This Syrah perfectly reflects the Benguela Cove terroir in a glass. A gentle approach in the cellar helped to encapsulate our unique location at the southern tip of Africa." - Cellar Master, Johann Fourie. Learn more.

Lighthouse Collection Moody Lagoon 2018

The Moody Lagoon Red Blend 2018 serves as an ode to the Bot River lagoon adjacent to the estate. Nicknamed “Moody” the lagoon is known to be unpredictable in colour and appearance. As mirror-like as it can be, the wind can turn it choppy in seconds. 

As this inky wine wakes up in the glass, every component in this cabernet sauvignon and syrah driven blend takes a bow. Learn more.